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STATA Resources



  • Example do files

    • - Examples of basic STATA skills that pairs with videos below.

      • Basic Setup

      • Logic Operators

      • Get to know your data

      • Creating variables

      • Basic Graphs

      • Exporting Reg Tables

      • Collapse

      • Merge

    • - Examples of more advanced STATA skills.

      • ​Inputting data from non-STATA file formats

      • Dealing with dates and strings

      • Generating summary variables (egen command)

      • Reshaping Datasets

      • Appending Datasets

      • Programming in STATA (local/global macros,loops, combining loops and macro)

      • Some trickier examples (looping through multiple regressions and outputting the resulting table, creating maps, importing messy excel files, event study)

  • Review of basic STATA skills slides (from Mindy Adnot)

Next Level Guides 

Basic Intro Videos Playlist

(Warning: Production value is low)

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