Examples of Past Thesis Projects


  • Meeah Mazikowski examined the impact of an additional child on maternal employment using the IV approach of Angrist and Evans, but in a context with heavily subsidized childcare (U.S. Army). She found very different effects in this context.  Elevator Pitch

  • Sam Redman used a change in the service commitment of USMA cadets branching Aviation to estimate the effect of service commitments on cadet's branch preferences with difference-in-differences and event study analyses.  Elevator Pitch  1-pager

  • Josh Thomas used a difference-in-differences approach to estimate that a change in mandatory minimums laws in Florida increased the length of time served and caused differential effects by race. Elevator Pitch  1-pager

  • Chris Slosar used variation arising from the academy's application process to identify the causal impact of attending USMA on Army post-contract retention rates with an IV strategy. Elevator Pitch  1-pager

  • Greg Brownell used a generalized diff-in-diff approach to find that being mandated to take a personal finance course in high school reduces later need for SNAP in early adulthood. Elevator Pitch  1-pager